Using real-world big data from eHealth, biobanks and national registries, integrated with clinical trial data to improve outcome of severe mental disorders

The challenge

Mental disorders represent one of the largest burdens for the Health Care systems, due to large number of patients and a lack of efficient treatment options.

Due to limited understanding of the disease mechanisms new drugs with novel therapeutic targets are lacking, and existing treatments are ineffective for many people.

The goal

The main aim of REALMENT is to bring personalized medicine interventions to psychiatry. The goal is to develop: a sustainable data infrastructure (REAL-WD platform) to facilitate access to Real-World Data (RWD) data across Europe; novel artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to exploit large datasets/volumes of data; a clinical management platform with prediction algorithms for medication response and adverse effects.

The Plan

REALMENT will focus on optimization of existing treatments for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders and Major Depression Disorders. It will achieve its objectives by exploiting population-scale RWD in combination with Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT).

Big data from populations, cohorts, and eHealth samples, including whole genome genotypes, will be analysed in an EU-wide sustainable infrastructure using artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop prediction and stratification tools.

These algorithms will be validated in large RCT data and re-phenotyping projects, and implemented in a clinical management platform.

The impact

Demonstrate the potential of the use of multi-disciplinary multi-source RWD to advance clinical research on complex chronic conditions (and comorbidities) and to understand safety, quality and effectiveness of therapies.

Development of new technological tools and platforms for advanced data management.

Contribute to the cross-border health data exchange and to the goals of the Digital Single Market.