Work package 5: Clinical management platform (4MENT)

Lead: Cortechs Labs Inc.


The aim of WP5 is to develop a clinical management platform (4MENT) integrating individual data and precision medicine tools to improve QoL of patients. Specific objectives are to:

  • Integrate prediction/stratification tools with individual data from patients across multiple domains (genotype, clinical characteristics, outcome) related to psychopharmacological treatment outcome.
  • Develop a beta-version of a clinical report tool in collaboration with stakeholders (clinicians, patients) which integrates individual data from patients and provides validated treatment alternatives.
  • Integrate the prediction/stratification tools with clinical reports into one platform (4MENT) and test a beta version of the 4MENT clinical management platform.

Description of work

WP5 will integrate the data collected and curated in WP1, the discoveries in WP2 and the prediction/stratification algorithms developed in WP3 and validated in WP4, and operationalise such algorithms into user-friendly software tools (4MENT) for monitoring symptom severity and the development of adverse effects and multi-morbidities in a clinical setting for improved treatment. Further, the 4MENT management platform will integrate gender and ethical aspects in the monitoring process.

The main aim of REALMENT is to exploit the vast amount of information currently available and exploit this information in a Management platform (4MENT). The new discoveries in the field of mental disorder research based on genetic and treatment information are critical to understand how the treatment outcome, disease trajectories and comorbidities are influenced by the patient’s genetic profile. The information will be pivotal to develop novel treatment stratification and management tools to improve mental health across Europe. To achieve this main objective, REALMENT will develop a novel clinical management platform called 4MENT, which is designed to support clinicians to customise treatment strategies for individual patients based on their clinical and genetic profile.

The 4MENT Clinical Management Platform will build on the information generated in the REALMENT project including the prediction and stratification algorithms integrated with digital tools to inform clinical decisions. The 4MENT Clinical Management Platform will include an integrated software solution which combines algorithms and services suitable for introduction in clinical practice across Europe. In addition, the 4MENT tool will also provide access to aggregated data suitable for researchers, authorities and other stakeholders who need access to data for research purposes. Through this strategy, the 4MENT Clinical Management Platform will support these users and at the same time ensure that patient information and privacy is protected.

Key WP5 tasks

  • Integration of the prediction and stratification algorithms with baseline individual patient data.
  • Combine algorithms and baseline data into a software solution to monitor clinical status and interventions for the individual patient.
  • Design of a user-friendly interface for reporting and providing feedback to doctors and individual patients.
  • Development of a digital system to support the 4MENT platform across European health care systems.
  • Involvement of ethical, safety and other authorities and integrate ethical aspects in the monitoring process.
Published Jan. 25, 2022 11:17 AM - Last modified Jan. 25, 2022 11:17 AM