Work package 6: Exploitation, dissemination, communication

Lead: ECNP


The aim of WP6 is to:

  • Ensure that the scientific results of the programme are widely disseminated to researchers and expert audiences both inside and outside of the consortium, thereby maximising impact and facilitating exploitation.
  • Ensure that project outputs are communicated to lay communities stakeholders and to the general public to support societal impact.
  • Disseminate and promote use of 4MENT Clinical Platform among different stakeholders, health providers, European authorities and commercial users across the EU.
  • Identify results for IPR protection and design an appropriate exploitation strategy for future commercialisation.

Description of work

WP6 will develop and outline strategies to disseminate, communicate and exploit REALMENT results. We will involve relevant stakeholders as well as assess the societal benefits of the outputs from WPs1-5, and promote the 4MENT clinical management platform and the REAL-WD data infrastructure.

WP6 contains activities to actively transform the scientific results of REALMENT into a message that fit the targeted audience. Dissemination, exploitation and communication activities are closely connected and will be outlined in a Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) plan to ensure that benefits derived from the REALMENT project are translated into societal benefits. REALMENT will conduct a wide range of communication and outreach activities aimed at the lay community to ensure that outcomes of the project are communicated to the interested public. Dissemination includes scientific publications, meetings with stakeholders and the scientific community, organisation of conferences and workshops, a frequently updated website, social media, newsletters, events, industry fairs, and filing of patents.

The activities are directed at the scientific community, in particular, clinical researchers, health care workers, health care authorities, and health and pharmaceutical industries. REALMENT will follow the principle of Open Science and make results and publications freely available through Tryggve (WP1; see section 2 for details). Communication include press releases, articles in the daily press and popular science magazines, a frequently updated project webpage, social media, newsletters, invited presentations, and organisation of events. The activities are directed at the national and European health care authorities, health care workers, patient organizations, patients, and their relatives, and the general public. Exploitation. The activities from WP1-5 will generate results that can be exploited in societal and commercial settings, including digital tools to promote data retrieval from different sources (RWD, RCT) and store/integrate these datasets into a the 4MENT platform (WP5). This framework will allow researchers and other users worldwide to access and utilise this information to perform novel research. Innovation activities are central to REALMENT and entail collaboration with industry partners, securing IPR, and facilitating the establishment of spin-offs/subsidiaries.

Key WP6 tasks

  • Development and maintenance of REALMENT website, updating social media channels and development of printed material.
  • Identification of suitable European target groups, develop a contact database and organize dissemination and communication activities.
  • Development of strategies to involve and collaborate with relevant stakeholders (patient groups, patients, insurance companies, care providers).
  • Innovation management and protection of project results/ IPR including a preliminary a strategy for future exploitation of 4MENT tools in different regions.
Published Jan. 25, 2022 11:17 AM - Last modified Jan. 25, 2022 11:17 AM