Work packages

The main concept of REALMENT is to use real-world data (RWD) from health care systems combined with biobanks and research data.

With this approach we can solve the need for large-scale data necessary for genetic discoveries related to mental disorders, and develop prediction and stratification algorithms that can be tested and refined in large randomised controlled trial (RCT) data.

Validated in a clinical intervention, these algorithms will form the basis for developing the 4MENT Management Platform, which includes monitoring and prevention tools and personalised  intervention strategies to improve clinical outcomes and QoL for patients.

Positioning of the project

The design of the project allows REALMENT to build the framework for a future data platform (REAL-WD), and a clinical management platform (4MENT), an 'idea to application' strategy that spans:

  1. Discovery of genetic markers for disease, pharmacological response and adverse effects (technology readiness level (TRL) 3-4).
  2. Building on these discoveries through the development of algorithms for treatment stratification and prediction, towards
  3. Proof-of-concept validation of the algorithms in independent samples (TRL5).
  4. Using these results to develop a prototype of the 4MENT platform (TRL4-5); and finally
  5. Testing/demonstrating the clinical utility of the 4MENT platform in small scale (TRL5-6).

To achieve this, the project has been broken down into eight work-packages (WPs):

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